Exact ReBar - Reinforcing Bar Estimating and Detailing Software

Exact ReBar Overview

Exact ReBar is a new revolution in rebar quoting, estimating and detailing software as it enables Estimating, Detailing and Quoting Rebar all from a single package. Exact ReBar takes the time and effort out of compiling rebar cost estimates and quotes. Exact ReBar fully integrates all aspects of rebar quoting, detailing, bill of materials and labor as well as producing reports optimizing Rebar production.

Exact ReBar estimates/quotes by the user drawing a model into the computer. The result is a faster more accurate quote. The output, along with a quotation, includes a dimensioned 2D drawing plus 3D drawing. This drawing adds to the professionalism of the quote as well as leaving no doubt in the customer's as to exactly what has been quoted.

Exact ReBar quotes all Reinforcing for beams, footings, walls and columns. The program supports both Metric and English Units.

How It Works

Exact ReBar - ReBar Estimating, Detailing & Quoting Software

  • Direct input of plan or sketch via a simple graphical interface
  • Import AutoCAD™ drawings in both dxf and dwg format
  • Import Drawings cut from PDFs
  • Import Scanned drawings
  • Metres,centimetres,millimetres and English Units
  • Easy to learn - most users are up to speed in hours
  • Produces Drawing of Rebar suitable for Manual Bending or input to CNC machines
  • Produces Optimized Rebar Reports reducing waste to a minimum
  • Estimates Materials and Labor
  • Available in multiple languages including English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese

A completed rebar from using Exact ReBar Software

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